Service Agreement


A non-refundable deposit of $500 – $1500 is required to secure your photography session. All deposited are credited toward the final bill. Deposit Payments may be made via cash or certified check or Debit Card The remaining balance is due prior to the event date


will supply me with the following:
TOPbridal .INC as my wedding Photographers/Videographer/Makeup Artist on [project] Project date between the hours of [project-dates] Project start time and [project-dates] Project end time providing me with unlimited photography, subject to external variables beyond their control (e.g., weather, location/venue restrictions, light availability, scheduling complications due to lateness/willingness of individuals).

Basic editing (contrast, toning, cropping exposure) and delivery of high-resolution digital files, no smaller than 3000 pixels log edge, in JPEG format, within 30 days of the wedding day, on USB storage or downloadable link.


I agree to notify TOPbridal .INCby phone/email at my earliest convenience should a Change o fdate and/or venue occur. In situations where the new venue requires substantial travel, I agree to pay for reasonable logistical expenses.

Furthermore, I understand that TOPbridal .INC may be unavailable on alternate date. In such circumstances, I agree to liaise with TOPbridal .INC to find a mutually agreeable solution. I accept that I may forfeit some/all of monies paid.


Upon acceptance of this agreement and initial down payment, a cooling-off period of two(2) business days is allowed for any change-of-mind. After this period, I accept that no refunds for change-of-mind will apply.

Should the event be cancelled. I agree to notify TOPbridal .INC at my earliest convenience. In certain situations, TOPbridal .INC may return any and/or all monies paid, subject to TOPbridal .INC discretion.

Should the event be cancelled within (3) months of the wedding day, I understand that TOPbridal .INC may keep any monies paid as a result of declining other paid assignments.

In the unlikely event that TOPbridal .INC cancel on me, all monies paid will be fully refunded to my nominated bank account within three (3) business days, accompanied with a list of recommended substitutes.


I give permission to TOPbridal .INC to use images form my wedding in the private domain (i.e., as samples of work during in-person consultations, sample albums, etc)

TOPbridal .INC will require my written or verbal consent before publishing any images from my wedding in public domain (e.g. website, blogs, bridal magazine, social media etc.)

At any time, I may request TOPbridal .INC to take down any images from my wedding that had previously been allowed to be displayed in public and/or private domain.


I understand that for safety reason, TOPbridal .INC and associates will not remove their enclosed footwear.

I agree to feed TOPbridal .INC staffs a delicious dinner meal complete with dessert. I will do my best to request that the meal will be served at the same time as my guests and maybe sneak in a slice of cake.

I understand that TOPbridal .INC staffs are humans who may require breaks from time to time. Therefore, I agree to allow them to, from time to time, gaze zombie=like into their smartphones whilst leaning casually against a beam/wall.

Similarly, I agree to instruct my reception venue to provide them with seating where TOPbridal .INC staffs may store their equipment safely.


In the unlikely event that TOPbridal .INC staffs fails gravely ill and/or is incapacitated prior to and/or on [Wedding DATE], I understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement photographer/videographer/makeup artist.


I understand that in the event that TOPbridal .INC experience any inappropriate threatening, hostile or offensive behavior from any guest or person at the wedding (including, but not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature) that TOPbridal .INC staffs may request the offending person(s) to be removed from the premises immediately or leave the event completely.

I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.